Ali Gracie

- Reviews and Quotes

 A selection of quotes from art gallery curators, employers and gallery visitors reviewing Ali Gracie's work.

Keep on painting. I thought they were totally alive. Keep on living as well. Keep that talent alive and especially, keep giving. D

Overwhelming images, beautiful combination of colours and textures. You'll be a success soon I'm sure.   M & N

These are by far the most invigorating, really truly original. Keep it on.   K.B.

Review by 2000 Foundation 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth Curator- Frans H.J. van der Beek

'The artist Alison Gracie takes part in the international art project 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth, with the artwork Going Walkabout in the section Nature.

She is included in the art book with the same title, and her work has also been selected for the traveling exhibition in The Netherlands.

I am very impressed with the power of her work and the appreciation of the visitors to the exhibition is likewise"

 Review  by Impact Art Consultancy.  "Alison's work is strong and atmospheric.  I believe Alison's work will continue to develop strongly, as she is passionate about her work and is always seeking to expand her professional profile".


C'est tres Beau!    Anon

Wonderful and inspiring work.  N.H

Nice colour and texture.  P.P

Long live artists! 

Lovely jubbly mate. Anon

Loved the space-  time work. Keep up the good work and good luck. D